Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few extra Incriptions in Greek

Tom Elliot also led me to the Packer Humanities Institute Greek Inscription data base.. not so many Antioch references though. I found only these...However the search function was poor so discovery is by serendipity or sheer persistence in opening every link in the relevant province (i.e Syria).

Tchalenko, Villages III 20,18 Tchalenko, Villages III 28,28

Syr., Antioch. — Da=rt %102Azze — 235/236 ac — IGLSyr 2.463

Νείκη #⁹⁰⁰ Σελήνη #⁹⁰⁰ Ἔρως #⁹⁰⁰ Ἥλιος #⁹⁰⁰ καὶ Νείκη.

[․․․․․․․․․․] δεσπότης ἐν πολλοῖς ε[․․․․․․․․․․․․․]

[․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․․ δε]σποτῶν χαίρων ἐφιλοκάλεσεν, ἔτους δπϛʹ.

Tchalenko, Villages III 41/2,n.2 Tchalenko, Villages III 30,32

Syr., Antioch. — Ba=b el Hawa= — 573-578 ac? — IGLSyr 2.528 ll. 7-9

ἀπὸ ὑπ<ά>των, κό[μ(ιτος)]

κα<θ>οσ(ιωμένων) <δ>ο(μεστικῶν) {²⁷Gre/goire; <λ>α<ρ>γ<ιτιόνων> Ensslin}²⁷, <γ>ενικοῦ


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