Monday, July 12, 2010

Further Finds under the Streets

My trusty colleague Jorgen Christensen-Ernst sent a recent dispatch on some further street finds this time in the Hurriyet Caddesi. This street runs south from the major junction at the old bridge.
Thus what we see in the following photos is a structure that is parallel to the river bank. Without more information we can only conjecture but there is clearly a series of arches (below) of some form visible.

Then here is a single arch.

And some less distinct images.

This is a very interesting find. Note how close to the surface these ruins are. it would be interesting to know the exact orientation of these arches and whether they run in the direction of the Hippodamian Plan of the Greek city.


Unknown said...

I was just visiting the Antakya citadel and noticed excavations of an almost grid like character in the city below in an empty lot. I didn't get a chance to go down to visit but perhaps your colleague in town knows something about them? I did take a photo or two from above. They might be construction related but since excavation is so infrequent in the city, anything is of interest.

Antiochian said...

there is rumour of a Hilton being built on the site of the Forum of Valens.. very grim news..

Unknown said...

Yes, the construction/excavation site looks to be just around the Forum of Valens from Uggeri's map, around 18-O on the Princeton excavation grid. If so, then they've started sinking very deep foundations.

Anonymous said...

Just surfed over here by chance (by clicking on "next blog").

Wow, what an interesting topic for blogging! Keep it up.

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