Sunday, March 16, 2008

An Introduction To Ancient Antioch

Tertia Phoebeae lauri domus Antiochia
Veller Alexandri si curata colonia poni

Ausonia: Ordo Urbium Nobilium

The subject of Ancient Antioch is my passion. The Roman Empire in its heyday had three major cities, Rome, Alexandria and Antioch. In the latter days, Constantinople was added to this mix as it suprassed Rome as the capital of the empire.

While traditionally Antioch is regarded as the lesser of the three, Alexandria had a far more subsidiary role in the Empire's affairs than Antioch after the decline and fall of the Ptolemies. Antioch was more important as a political center from 100 AD onwards as Alexandria was no longer a point of contention. After Constantinople's founding it might be said that Antioch even surpassed Rome in importance.

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