Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mosaics: Stumbled Upon....

This is a different post to the usual. We try to be timeless (he says modestly) but this merits a mention and recording.

I regularly cruise EBay under the search term Antioch. Occasionally an interesting coin with a reverse that might be a temple or something interesting from the past surfaces. Then there are some historic prints from the 19th century or earlier that add to knowledge. However, today, the 1st of November 2008, I stumbled across seven auction items that merit displaying. They come with no stated provenance and may be a total hoax.If they are real they raise all sorts of interesting questions. They are the mosaics displayed below that were being sold by:

Dargate Auction Galleries
214 North Lexington St.
Pittsburgh PA, 15208
Location Tel : 412.362.3558
Location Fax : 412 371 0258

I record them here for posterity as they may never be seen again once "sold". The first is:

Geometric floor pattern fragment, shades of brown. Set in cement with metal framework. No mark. Size: 45 1/4'' x 35''.

Depicts donkey with bell and duck, set in cement with metal framework. No mark. Size: 38 1/4'' x 54 1/4''.

Fragment depicting several animals, set in cement with metal framework. No mark. Size: 30'' x 57''. Condition: age appropriate wear, minor losses to edges.

Scene of two palm -like branches and smaller scattered flowers. Mosaic set in cement with metal framework. Size: 33 3/4''H, 43''L.

Geometric floor panel with six octagonal sections with stylized floral centers, set in cement with metal framework. No mark. Size: 36'' x 48 3/4''. Condition: age appropriate wear.

Mosaic of animal, possibly a deer. Mosaic set in cement and metal framework. Size: 31 3/4''W. 46''L.

Depicts bull and egret with urn on column, set in cement with metal framework.. No mark. Size: 38'' x 43 3/4''.

Frankly we were rather stunned but we shall refrain from passing judgement on these items and their provenance. We welcome comments. If they are the real deal, then they look museum quality and leave us wondering where they came from and why they aren't in a museum!! They certainly have similiarities to the themes that we have seen in Antiochene mosiacs.

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Unknown said...

I sow some of them on Doro Levi, Antioch Mosaic Pavement, 1947